2018-2019 Academic year Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeship

2018-2019 Academic year Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeship Applications

Dear Students, please complete the application by carefully reading all the details of the text. All announcements will be published in erasmus.uskudar.edu.tr web site during the application period and we will use your @st.uskudar.edu.tr addresses as communication channels. It is recommended that you should frequently check your mails and announcements.

The activity is a student’s, who is registered to higher education institution, doing internship in a company abroad. “Internship” is a process in which a beneficiary can get vocational training and/or gain working experience within a bussiness or an organisation in another country that is participated to the programme. Internship activity can not be used for academic studies within a specific teaching programme such as research assignments and studies for analysis. Internship activity is student’s gaining practical working experiment in their vocational training field. Internship activity can not be expected obligatory for student’s diploma programme. However, the economic sector in which the internship takes place should be related to student’s already existing vocational training programme.

Activity period is valid seperately for each learning stages and it is between 2 months to 12 months. Students can actualise their internship activity within their learning process in every stage, and students in their last stage of learning programme can actualise their internship following 12 moths after they graduate. For after-graduate internship activity, student’s application should be done before student’s graduation (while student is currently in his/her second year in Associate Degree and forth year in Bachelor Degree). Graduated students can not apply.

Institutions that will host internship can be firms, education centres, reseach centres and institutions that are suitable to the business description that is stated in Erasmus+ Programme Guide. Within this frame, what is meant with suitable business management is an enterprise which is engaged in economic activities including social economy with every kind of private and public foundation/establishment no matter what their sizes, legal statues are, and in what economic sector they are active.

Incase of foreign foundation’s being a higher education institution, studying should be gaining practical studying experience in the unit related to the institution’s general administration instead of being a learning activity in academic meaning. Internship activity in purpose of academic studying can not be executed.

Institutions that are listed below are not suitable for the higher education internship activity as part of Erasmus+ programme.

  • Institutions of European Union and EU agencies
  • Institutions that conducts EU Programs and are founded with the grants in that context
  • Our National Diplomatic Representatives in visited countries (such as embassy and consulate)

None of our diplomatic agency unit is suitable for internship activity.

Internship activity’s minimum time period is whole 2 months, maximum time period is whole 12 months.

During internship mobility, in case of institution’s, in which the internship takes place, being closed for a holiday can cause an iterruption. Grant will be paid during the period in which the institution is closed, however, closed period will not be added activity duration. In order to complete minimum activity duration, closed dates of the intstitution that internship takes place should be researched beforehand and make sure minimum time period is provided even after holidays are omitted. Weekends are not the holidays to be omitted from activity duration.

In case of student’s return without completing the minimum period, except from obligatory reasons, activity will not be accepted and the grant will not be paid.

Minimum Requirements

  • Student must be full-time student to enrolled in a higher education programme the level of formal education (1st, 2nd or 3rd grades) in higher education institutions.
  • Minimum GPA of 2,20/4.00 for undergraduate students; minimum GPA of 2,50/4.00 for graduate students
  • Master’s and doctoral level students who apply first term and not yet occured transcript can use the notes taken during the previous graduation.
  • If previously benefited from activities in the current education level , the new activity is not passed along the total duration of 12 months
  • Having a signed Acceptance Letter / Invitation Letter with clear dates, from the institution / university where the student will do her/his internship in Europe.

Application Procedure:

Student must submit the application in two steps:

Students must also submit the signed application form (2 copies) , transcript (2 copies) which shows current CGPA and Internship Acceptance Letter (2 copies)  till Wednesday, 22 Feb, 2019 16.00 to the Erasmus Office (room number 106) at Altunizade Campus, 1st floor


Student’s grade point avarage should provide minimum conditions. While confirming sturdent’s GPA, student’s last transcript is being used. For students who apply in their first term of post graduate and doctorate programme and students whose transcripts are not formed yet because of the newly selected higher education stage can use graduation grade of their previous higher education grade. Similarly, Students who have transfered to another higher education institution with undergraduate transfer and whose GPA has not been formed yet in the new higher education institution use the GPA in their last transcript from the institution they came from.

Foreign Language Exam

English Exam date: 27 February 2019. 

All applicants will be invited and are required to take an English written examination prepared by Uskudar University English Preparatory Program.

The Erasmus Office will announce date and classrooms for the written exam on the Erasmus website of Uskudar.

GPA %50

English Language Proficiency Exam %50

( Total 100 point)

Before participated for each mobility : – 10

Omiting 10 points in previous utilisation, can not be applied for previous learning grade or activities beside from higher education student/internship mobility. Omitting can be applied for a student who wants to apply again but has actualised mobility within the same learning grade.

Grant Support, Period and Grant Calculations

The mobility grants are not for covering all the expenses of study abroad periods. Mobility grants’ purpose is to support students during their study abroad periods. Countries in which student mobility takes place separated into 3 groups according to their daily expenses, and student and internship grants are determined according to the country groups. Country groups and monthly grants that will be given to the students are listed in a chart below :

Selection Criteria

Students election will be executed by listing the students from higher to lower between the ones who have applied with necessary conditions, regarding their evaluation criterias and related points.

Students who have benefited from Lifelong Learning Programme or Erasmus+ for student or internship mobility within the same learning grade, 10 points will be taken off for each activity (without discriminating student or internship mobility) from their total academic achievement and foreign language points.

Mobilities must be completed as of the date of 30.05.2020.


2018 Erasmus+ Grand


Groups according to living costs


Host Countries in Mobility

Monthly Student Mobility Grant (€)


Monthly Internship Mobility Grant (€)

1st and 2nd Group Program Countries


Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Swetzerland, Belgium, Cyprus Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Spain






3rd Group Program Countries


Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Polond, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia





Payment Deductions

Grant will not be paid for the absent days if the student leaves the institution (city/country) more than a week, except from the official holidays of the institution. Grant will be claimed even if the payment has already done.

As it is stated in the Call for General Proposal that is announced by European Commission, internship mobility activity takes minimum 2 months. Minimum period is irreducible except from the force majeure. When the mobility period is below than the minimum period, there will not be any grant payment fort he mobility.

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