2021- 2022 Academic Year Erasmus+ Study Program Without Grant (Zero Grant) Application Results

Click here to see application results for Zero Grant Erasmus+ Study Program.

Important Note 1: The orientation for winners in which next steps will be explanied will take place at the Zoom platform on 02nd of April, 2021, Friday, 15:00. Participation is cumpolsory.

Impotant Note 2: In case the applicants who are listed as 'no grant/confirmed' want to withdraw from the program, they must submit their request to the Erasmus office with a written and signed petition until 09.04.2021. Those who leave the program after this date will -10 (minus ten points) in their future application as penalty.

Important Note 3: The period for the objection to these results will expire as of 07.04.2021, Wednesday, 14:00.

Important Note 4: The applicants who are listed as 'confirmed/ zero grant' were removed from the 'substitute student' list.

01/04/2021 06:42