Erasmus+ Traineeship Application for 2021 Summer is extended until Wednesday, 14.04.2021 at 14:00

Dear Students, 


Due to the negative outcomes of Pandemi and fact that it is extra difficult to find a placement for internship, taking below mentioned matters into account;


  1. English Proficiency Exam arragements
  2. Allowing enough time to program winners’ ‘before mobility’ arrengements and responsibilities (i.e visa application, accommodation, transportation)
  3. Winners’ responsibilities to Üsküdar University


It is decided by Erasmus Assesment Committee (assigned by the office of the Rectorate) that application deadline has been extended until 14.04.2021 (next Wednesday) 14:00 only for applicants who have already started registration on platform before 02.04.2021. 


May you desire, check the application call and requirements at this link.

08/04/2021 10:13