Incoming Students



To apply to Üsküdar University for Erasmus Exchange Program your university needs to have a current Bilateral Agreement with Üsküdar University and you need to be officially nominated by Erasmus Office at your home university to study at Üsküdar University.

You can study one semester or a full academic year at Üsküdar University as an Erasmus exchange student if you meet the below conditions:

  • Being a student of an Erasmus Partner University, which has an Erasmus Student Exchange Agreement with Üsküdar University,
  • If your university does not currently have an Erasmus exchange agreement with Üsküdar University, please consult to your home university’s Erasmus Office. Üsküdar University is open to signing new bilateral agreements to meet the demands of incoming students, who would like to study at Üsküdar,
  • Having a transcript,
  • Having B2 level of English, (no document needed)
  • Being selected and nominated by the home institution,
  • Signing an ECTS Learning Agreement (OLA) between you, your home university and Üsküdar University.


Application periods will be held twice in an academic year for both undergraduate and graduate students:

Nomination Periods:
Fall Semester / Full Year: 1 April 2024 -1 May 2024
Spring Semester: 1 June 2024 -1 July 2024

Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester / Full Year: 15 June 2024
Spring Semester: 15 August 2024

Following documents are required to be uploaded during online application to Üsküdar University:

After you are nominated by your Home Institution, we will send you an email with instructions on how to start your online application.

  1. First, you need to register to the system. After clicking on 'Register & Apply' button at, please follow in order 'Erasmus+' > Student > Incoming 
  2. After you complete the registration, you will follow the steps as instructed in the system. You are required to upload following documents: 
  • Online Learning Agreement (Before Mobility, signed by all parties) 
  • Official English Transcript (Issued by your Home University with signature and stamp)
  • Scanned Copy of your Passport ID page 
  • Passport Size/Format Photo (Digital) (Upload to the relevant section)

Important Note: If the documents are invalid or in need of change, we will announce through the system. Please check your documents' approval statue daily. 

      3. When you complete all the steps, your application will be evaluated by selection comitte and you shall receive the letter of acceptance within 4 to 6 weeks after submission date of your application. 

Please Note: You do not need to send the documents by mail/post, but you need to upload to the “Üsküdar University Erasmus+ Online Application System”. Check your documents after you finish uploading. If you encounter with a problem in the system, you should send the scanned copies of your documents by email to and we will upload them on behalf of you. 

In Üsküdar University,

While you are coming to Üsküdar University, you should bring below documents with you. 

  1.  Your Original Passport
  2.  5 Passport Size Photos (4x for residence permit application and 1x for student transportation card application). You can also visit one of the photography offices in İstanbul which would cost around 5 Euros for a 8x photos. 



Erasmus students should secure a Student Visa prior to their trip to Türkiye from the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country. Once in Türkiye, a residence permit should be obtained by an application through the local authorities within one month of the student’s arrival.

Erasmus students without relevant visas are not eligible to enroll in a university in Türkiye.

Student Visas are available only through Turkish Embassies or Consulates outside of the Republic of Türkiye and must be obtained before the student plans to arrive. Incoming students are advised to apply for the visa at least two months prior to the date of departure.

For education visas, students are required to submit documents such as: a letter of acceptance given by the school in Türkiye, original passport (valid for at least one year), a completed visa application form, recent passport-size pictures and a non-refundable processing fee for the Turkish Consulate.

Note: We suggest you to contact with our Residence Permit Responsible Contact Ms. Zehra GÜVEN via e-mail or WhatsApp from +90 549 439 96 91


You should purchase a Health Insurance in Türkiye in order to prevent any regulation complications. 

There is a high possibility that the immigration office reject the health insurance policy you already purchased elsewhere even though it is clearly stated as a ‘world wide policy’ with full treatments and conditions.According to the current regulations the policy must be issued by a company which has office in Türkiye and the policy should state 'this health insurance is issued in accordance with the regulations announced by law act 10.5.2016 date and 16/2016 published in Republic of Turkey. Generally, the cost of this health insurance policy varies between 40 to 100 Euros. 

  • (Some countries – Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Austria – have mutual agreements with Türkiye. Students from these countries do not need to get health insurance here. However, they have to provide an official letter from their home country`s insurance services and get it approved at the Social Security Office in Türkiye.
  • Others are required to get a health insurance. This would cost between 40-100 Euros. 

Note: We suggest you to contact with our Residence Permit Responsible Contact Ms. Zehra GÜVEN via e-mail or WhatsApp from +90 549 439 96 91


Please check this website for latest information for residence permit:

All the students must apply for residence permit after they completed their registration to the university. The website to apply for residence permit: Republic of Türkiye, Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management:

If you are a student in Associates, Bachelor, Master or Phd degree you have to apply for the 'Students' residence permit and 'short term' type.
In order to start your Online Residence Permit Application you will need 4 documents.
1) Original Passport
2) Photo in JPEG format
3) Valid Health Insurance (and Policy number) 
4) Active Turkish Mobile Number
After you complete your application, you will be asked to deliver required documents to Residence Permit Officer (you will be informed about this by Erasmus Office)

Important: The application has to be submitted within 30 days of a student’s arrival in Türkiye. Otherwise, the student visa of the applicant will be invalidated. Please contact Erasmus Office for assistance within 30 days of your arrival.

After the application for a residence permit has been submitted, the card will be posted to the university address or to the residential address that you mentioned during the application. If your accommodation is not certain, or there is a chance that it will change, please enter Üsküdar University address. 

Note: We suggest you to contact with our Residence Permit Responsible Contact Ms. Zehra GÜVEN via e-mail or WhatsApp from +90 549 439 96 91


Please visit Accommodation Support page for more information.

However, you can visit AirBnB and Facebook pages for accommodation options in Istanbul.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Please click here to find out about the grading system of Üsküdar University.


You can access our course lists for our current associate, undergraduate and graduate students from the department pages of the relevant faculties.

Course Taking Restrictions: Students can choose from the different departments as long as they choose a minimum of %50 of their total ECTS from the department they are registered to. Choosing from too many departments and the same semesters may cause a time clash and you might need to change your courses. There will be an add/drop week so that you can re-schedule your academic planning. 

Semester Load: 30 ECTS 

For more detailed information on courses at specific departments, you can contact the relevant Erasmus Departmental Coordinator, who will be your advisor during your exchange period at Üsküdar University.

ESTIMATED LIVING COST (on a monthly basis) : 

Private accommodation: Between € 350-500

Food: € 100-250

Transportation: € 30-50 (Student Travel Card for İstanbul City is 250 TRY (Approx. 8 Euros) per month)

Miscellaneous/ Entertainment: € 100-300

Total: € 580-1100 (per Month)


E- Mail:

Phone Number: +90 216 400 22 86 (2736)