Partner Universities


Before finalizing your preference list for Erasmus+ Study program, It is highly recommended that you examine in detail the erasmus websites of our partner universities taking these into consideration; english courses offered, admission rules for erasmus incoming students, accommodation/dormitory availability, relevance of your department/ courses to the corresponding department at partner university.

As the Exchange Programs Office, we are responsible for a fair selection among applicants and providing funding to winners. However it is essential that all candidates who want to participate in the program should make a good research beforehands.


Other important subjects you may want to consider:  Minimum monthly living expenses for a student, weather conditions of the period you will be joining in Erasmus, the location where your department takes place If university have more than one campus, social/cultural environment, student facilities (student clubs, activities etc.).

Note: The quotas specified in the lists are mutual quotas for all departments and defined according to the agreements signed with the respective institution. The quota information here is not pointing to the number of students to be selected. The number of students to be selected with grant opportunity are announced at the ‘Announcements’ section at our erasmus website and in the relevant program type (Erasmus+ Study, Erasmus+ Internship or Erasmus+ European Internship Consirtium).