2023 - 2024 Academic Year Traineeship Mobility Application Results (2023-1-TR01-KA131-HED-000138215  -  2023-1-TR01-KA131-HED-000138717)

Dear Students,

Please click here to see the result table of 2023-2024 Academic Year Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility (2023-1-TR01-KA131-HED-000138215 - 2023-1-TR01-KA131-HED-000138717).

Please click here for the Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility - Petition for Zero Grant Participation for our substitute students who want to participate in the program without receiving the grant.

Please click here for the Erasmus+ Withdrawal Petition for selected students who want to withdraw their right.


•             The applications are evaluated in accordance with the criteria set by the Turkish National Agency and the equality and transparency principles.

•             The rankings are based on the Erasmus Scores.

•             You can find your score details in the result list.

•             Students who want to object to results must send their petitions to erasmus@uskudar.edu.tr by 27.03.2024 5 p.m. The petitions sent after this date and time will not be evaluated. 

The rankings on the list may change as a result of objections.

•             Substitute students who want to participate in the Traineeship Program without having the grant must fill in and sign the petition named ‘Erasmus Study&Traineeship Mobility Petition For Zero Grant Participation’ in the announcement then send it to erasmus@uskudar.edu.tr by 10.05.2024 5 p.m.

•             The date and time of the informative meetings for the selected students will be announced later.

•             In case the students who are selected for the program want to withdraw from the Program, they are expected to send the petititon named ‘Erasmus+ Study&Traineeship Mobility - Withdrawal Petition’ to erasmus@uskudar.edu.tr for the withdrawal from the program by 10.05.2024. The withdrawals from the program after the specified date will cause - 10 points to the student's Erasmus Score in her/his applications in the following years.

•             Traineeship places specified in the acceptance letters uploaded to the system can not be changed without a force majeure. Students who will change their traineeship places should contact Erasmus Office by stating their force majeure.

•             Students participating in mobility must end their mobility before the start of their Academic Semester.

•             The date by which all mobility must be completed is 31 July 2025.

•             Students who are awarded with a grant for a total of 2 months (60 days).

•             Students who will do their traineeships as compulsory traineeships should contact the Erasmus Office.

•             In case the students in the substitute status are able to be awarded with a grant, we will contact the student.

•             Students who want to extend the mobility period should contact Erasmus Office.


* Students who still have not uploaded their acceptance letter must upload it until 10 May 2024. Otherwise, their applications will be invalid.

- For the applications of students with "1" in their Erasmus Score, +10 points were applied for submitting a letter of acceptance during the application.

- For the applications of students with "2" in their Erasmus Score, plus points were applied within the scope of the criteria specified in the announcement (disability, being a relative of a martyr veteran, being under the protection of the government, etc.) and the earthquake disaster application taken by the National Agency.

- For students with a "3" in their Erasmus Score, +5 points were applied to their applications since their traineeships were included in the scope of " Traineeship to Improve Digital Skills" according to their acceptance letters.

- For students with "4" in their Erasmus Score, -10 points were applied to their applications because they had previously participated in the Program or applied for two mobility types in the same project period.

- For students with "5" in their Erasmus Score were applied -5 points because they declared that they would take the language exam and did not take it without an excuse.

Best regards,

Üsküdar University Erasmus Office