Application Call for Erasmus+ Study Program/ 2022-2023 Academic Year's Fall or Spring Semester

The exact place and time of the English Exam which will take place on 10.03.2022 will be announced on our website ( and via email to applicants.
Application Call for Erasmus+ Study Program in the 2022-2023 Academic Year; Fall or Spring Semester (Call Year 2021)

Dear Students, there have been critical changes compared to the previous application periods in accordance with the rules of the 2021 Contract Period, which covers the Erasmus study mobility that will take place in the 2022-2023 Academic Year, with the agreement of our University with the Turkish National Agency. It is important that all of our students read the following announcement carefully and attend one of the online information meetings. The online meetings schedule is announced on our website.

All announcements during the application period will be published on the website and your addresses will be used as the communication channel regarding the process. We strongly point out that you should check your e-mails and announcements frequently.

Students who would like to participate in the Erasmus Study Program in the 2022-2023 Academic Year’s Fall or Spring Semester should follow the instructions below:

Application Dates: 

Starts: 31 January 2022, Monday, 10.00 (a.m) 

Ends: 04 March 2022, Friday 17:30 (5:30 p.m)

English Proficiency Test:

10 March 2022, Thursday

The exam will be held online by Üsküdar University Preparatory School/Foreign Languages Coordinatorship and is planned to consist of 2 sessions. More details on how to take the exam will be announced to successful applicants at the end of the application period.

Announcement of Winners: 

21.03.2022, Monday, 20:00 (8:00 p.m)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Having been enrolled in a full-time study program at the university, the applicant must have satisfactorily completed the first semester.
    • a)  For the First Cycle (associate degree, undergraduate degree) students,  CGPA must be at least 2.20/4.00.
    • b)  For the second and third cycle (Master's degree, Ph.D.) students, CGPA must be at least 2.50/4.00.
  • For graduate students (MA or Ph.D.) who are enrolled in a study program at Üsküdar University; even if they have not completed one semester by the time application ends, they can complete their applications on the condition that they have a minimum average of 2.5/4.00 in the higher education diploma obtained from their former program graduated at a higher education institution.
  • Transfer students may use their latest transcript issued by the former higher education institution with a condition that they meet the aforementioned minimum GPA criteria.
  • Applicants are supposed to have a sufficient ECTS credit load for at least one semester (30 ECTS).    
  • The issue date of the Transcript of Records cannot be older than 1 month before the submission date.

Application Steps

  • You can find the application guide here.
  • Students will start their applications through the Online Application System. The TC/Foreign Identity number will be used as the user name, and the password will be the same as the OBS system password. Afterwards, students will follow the 'Register§Apply' section and click on Erasmus>Student>Outgoing.


**Applications will be rejected if the documents are uploaded without official signatures.

  •  The documents requested by the preferred partner university to prove the language proficiency (if any) (for candidates who have a language requirement other than English at the institution of their choice).

Detailed Information 

  • Each student will be selected for one semester, either Fall or Spring.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to examine the application conditions, quotas and required language requirements of the partner universities to be preferred. 
  • It is compulsory to take 30 ECTS in one semester.
  • In accordance with the agreements signed with partner universities, the quota for each university is at least 1 student per semester (1 for Fall and 1 for Spring semester) 
  • Participation in the Erasmus program (either Traineeship or Study) cannot exceed 12 months at the current educational level of an applicant (i.e 12 months during Bachelor, another 12 months during Master studies and 12 months during Doctoral studies).

English Proficiency Exam

  • All candidates will be invited to the foreign language (English) exam prepared by Üsküdar University Preparatory School. 
  • The level of the exam will be B2. 
  • Candidates who have previously taken the English proficiency exam for the Erasmus Program held by Üsküdar University Preparatory School on 18-19 February 2021 and 20-21 April 2021 can use their exam scores for this application. The proficiency exam scores taken at a time other than these two will not be accepted. In order to use the score of the exam held on either 18-19 February 2021 or 20-21 April 2021, students must upload the exam score announcement in the related section of the online application system.
  • In the last two years, candidates who have a valid (B2) exam result for one of the exams listed below must submit the certificate to the application system in the related section latest by 04 March 2022 to use their exam results.

          Table-1 Exam Types to be Accepted



Pearson PTE (Academic)




The exact place and time of the English Exam which will take place on 10.03.2022 will be announced on our website ( and via email to applicants.

Selection Criteria

  • Student selection will be made by ranking the final scores of applicants from the highest to the lowest per department and per faculty; GPA is %50 effective and English exam result is %50 effective. 
  • A penalty of -10 points will be applied to the applicant’s final score for each previous participation in the Erasmus program during the same study level registered (regardless of the type of mobility; Study or Traineeship).
  • Among the students who choose the same institution, the higher score(s) have priority for placement.
  • For students who were selected on the previous election period, but did not perform the mobility without any force majeure, 10 points will be deducted as penalty even If they did not participate in the program.  
  • Students studying double major can apply from only one major in the same application period.
  • Students who freeze their registration cannot participate in the Erasmus+ study program during the frozen semester.
  • The deadline for cancellation of the program without penalty is April 29, 2022. Students who cancel after this date will receive -10 points from their next application.

Duration of the Mobility

  • Even if the grant is not awarded the duration of Erasmus+ mobility during the same education level (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral) cannot exceed 12 months.
  • Study mobility cannot be shorter than 2 months.

The evaluation criteria and scores to be used in the evaluation of applications for the 2022/2023 Academic Year are as follows:

Table-2 Selection Criteria and Scores



Academic success (CGPA)

50% (out of 100 points in total)

Language level

50% (out of 100 points in total)

Being the children of martyrs or veterans

+15 points (take a look at note 1 below) 

Being a student who has disabilities (the document of the disability is required)

+10 points

Students whose protection, care or accommodation is secured within the scope of Social Services Law No. 2828

+10 points (take a look at note 2 below) 

Traineeship in Digital Skills (see note below)

+5 points3

Previous attendance at the same education level

-10 points

Participating the mobility in the country where the student has citizenship

-10 points

Withdrawing from the mobility without giving the notification on time

-10 points

Applying to both mobilities at the same time (the reduction is applied to the mobility that the student prefers)

-10 points

For the students who are selected for mobility: Not attending the meetings/training organized by the higher education institution without any excuse (applies for the next application period)

-5 points

Declaring that they will take the language exam and not taking it (applies for the next application period)

-5 points

1 According to the 21st Article of the Anti-Terror Law dated 12/4/1991 and numbered 3713, as well as the war veterans and their spouses and children, and the wives and children of the war martyrs;  “Officials while performing their duties at home and abroad, or even if their title is removed, the spouses and children of those who were injured, became disabled, died or killed due to terrorist acts and the coup attempt carried out on 15 July 2016, pursuant to Article 7 of Decree-Law No. 667 of 23 July 2016, and The spouses and children of those who lost their lives due to the actions or the disabled civilians and their spouses and children are prioritized if they apply for Erasmus + student mobility

2 The applicant must submit a letter from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies stating that there is a protection, care or accommodation decision in accordance with Law No. 2828.

3 Traineeship in digital skills: any traineeship where trainees receive training and practice in at least one or more of the following activities: digital marketing (e.g. social media management, web analytics); digital graphical, mechanical or architectural design; development of apps, software, scripts, or websites; installation, maintenance and management of IT systems and networks; cybersecurity; data analytics, mining and visualization; programming and training of robots and artificial intelligence applications. Generic customer support, order fulfillment, data entry or office tasks are not considered in this category.

Estimated Quotas
Erasmus Student Mobility Quotas will be determined according to the following criteria and is subject to change without notification to applicants. 

  • Inter-Institutional Agreements of Departments
  • Departments' Quotas
  • Final score reach (%50 CGPA and %50 English Exam Score) 
  • Erasmus+ Program total grant expected to be allocated from Turkish National Agency for the academic year 2021-2022


Cartoon and Animation


Visual Communication Design 


Public Relations and Publicity


Radio, Television and Cinema


Radio, Television and Cinema




New Media and Journalism


New Media and Communication







English Translation and Interpreting




Psychology (English)


Political Science and International Relations


Political Science and International Relations (English)







Computer Engineering




Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Industrial Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Molecular Biology and Genetics


Molecular Biology and Genetics (English)


Software Engineering (English)





Nutrition and Dietetics


Child Development


Speech and Language Therapy




Occupational Therapy


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation




Occupational Health and Safety


Health Management


Social Work

















Table- 3 Estimated Quotas

  • Erasmus Office reserves the right to re-determine the number of quotas according to the success of the students after the English exam.

Duration of the Mobility

  • Even if the grant is not awarded the duration of Erasmus+ mobility during the same education level (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral) cannot exceed 12 months.
  • Study mobility cannot be shorter than 2 months.

Erasmus+ Grants

  • Within the scope of Erasmus Study Program; each winner will be entitled to a grant of a maximum of 4 months and 15 days. 
  • The grants are not intended to cover the student's all expenses related to mobility, it is only given as a contribution.

The Erasmus+ grant scale for the 2022-2023 Academic Year can be seen below:

Table-4 Monthly grant amounts by country groups

Country Groups


Monthly Grant for Study Mobility (Euro)

1st and 2nd Group Program Countries

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Southern Cyprus, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece,


3rd Group Program Countries

Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey


Additional Grant Support in Student Mobility          

Additional Grant Support may be provided to disadvantaged participants in addition to the grant they are entitled to. In order to be able to grant the said grant, the disadvantaged participant is defined as an individual with limited economic and social opportunities and who fits into the following sub-categories.


1. Those who are subject to Law No. 2828 (Those who have a protection, care or shelter decision by the Ministry of Family and Social Services pursuant to Law No. 2828)

2. Students for whom protection, care or accommodation decision has been taken within the scope of Child Protection Law No. 5395

3. Those who receive an orphan's pension

4. Children of Martyrs/Veterans

5. Those who are granted a needy pension for themselves or their families (It is sufficient to submit the document proving that the student, his/her parents or guardians have received financial support from municipalities, public institutions and organizations (Ministry, Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations, General Directorate of Foundations, Kızılay, AFAD) proving that they received financial support at the time of their Erasmus application)

Credit and Accommodation Institution’s scholarships and similar scholarships, other grants, aids and scholarships in the nature of success scholarships or one-time aids are not considered within the scope of additional grant support/financial aid.

The following amounts of Additional Grant Support can be provided to students who meet the above scope, upon their request and on condition that they provide documents proving their situation, depending on the type of mobility:



Program Type

 Amount of Additional Grant Support

Student Mobility between 2-12 Months

  € 250,00 per month  

Short Term Student Mobility between 5-14 Days

 € 100,00 in addition to the daily grant calculated 

Short Term Student Mobility between 15-30 Days

 € 150,00 in addition to the daily grant calculated

Travel Grant

In the following cases, participants will receive the following additional amounts in support of their travel expenses: Disadvantaged students participating in short-term mobility (See Additional Grant Support in Student Mobility above for the disadvantaged group description).

Travel Distance

Standart Travel Grant Amount 

Grant Amount for Green Travel

10 to 99 KM

 €               23,00 


100 to 499 KM

 €             180,00 

 €                210,00 

500 to 1999 KM

 €             275,00 

 €                320,00 

2000 to 2999 KM

 €             360,00 

 €                410,00 

3000 to 3999 KM

 €             530,00 

 €                610,00 

4000 to 7999 KM

 €             820,00 


8000 KM or more

 €          1.500,00 


Based on the travel distance per participant. travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator provided by the European Commission ( A one-way travel distance should be used to calculate the grant amount to support a round trip.

Green Travel Support for Students Who Don't Get Travel Support

If students who do not receive travel support choose green travel, an additional one-time grant of 50 Euros can be given an individual support grant for up to 4 days for travel days.

Inclusion Support

Inclusion Support is available to students to encourage students with special needs (potential participants whose physical, mental or health condition does not allow them to participate in the mobility activity) to participate in the program. Students with special needs are expected to contact the Erasmus+ Office with their supporting documents. eg. If the special needs person is related to the Inclusion Support disability, he/she is expected to submit a doctor's report (not older than 3 months) or a photocopy of the disability card, which includes information on the disability and its level, and a doctor's report for chronic diseases. After the student is selected, an application will be made by the Erasmus+ Office as requested by the Turkish National Agency and the result will be awaited.

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